Farm Management and Monitoring

We take care of administration and data. You dedicate yourself to what you love the most: caring for your crops.

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Increase Yield. Reduce Costs.

Upgrade your farm to the age of Prescritive Agriculture. Start managing your property and crop data, monitor productivity, get weather data in real time, and enjoy a personalized administrative / financial assistant.

Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Property Management

Online and integrated management of your property with perimeter geolocation, crops, plots and inputs data.

Climate Assistant

Access realtime climate data and forecasts from the 3 weather stations closest to your property.

News and Quotes

Access physical and future markets prices for commodities, fruits and vegetables. Get the top news in first hand.

Activities Tracking

Integrated management of data from activities performed on each property by type and period.

Financial Management

Manage farm sales and purchases, control the stock and start planning the financials.

Soil Composition

Access soil composition maps of your property as well as relief and terrain level curves.

Hire Insurance

Quote and hire an insurance with federal and state subvention to protect your crops.

Employee Management

Integrated management of farm employees with allocation by activities and time spent.

Customized Reports

Receive an agrometeorological station and access specific weather analysis reports for your property.

Information in the palm of your hand

Free Pack: The free plan already provides the producer with a system for better decision making.

Managing a farm requires the producer to make daily decisions based on the situation inside and outside the gate. With the FREE plan the farmer already identifies with georeference his property in the map, allowing the management of the historical data of his harvests and fields.

For an even better decision making the system also provides the access to market data, where the grower can check the prices of any crop. The farmer also get updated on the main news of the day automatically selected by machine learning for his profile, as well as current weather data in the region, essential for the planning of activities.

If you are a farmer or agronomist who runs a property, get started now, the FREE plan is free forever!

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Integrated digital management of your farm

Basic Pack: Your activities planning book is now online and with automatic tracking of operating costs.

Every farmer makes use of his inseparable activities book, which is the best way to control activities done and to plan future ones. This tool may be limited, but what if it was online and could be shared with your employees?

By signing AgroAssist's BASIC plan this is possible. In addition to the automatic costs control, you will be able to manage the purchases and sales, the employees, and the consumption, always keeping your stock updated. The climate forecasts for your region are also available to assist in the planning of future activities such as planting or machines maintenance.

If you are a farmer or agronomist who seeks to reduce crop costs, get started now, the BASIC plan is only R$ 49/mo!

15-day free trial

Your farm connected in real time

PRO Pack: Receive an agrometeorological station to collect data of your property and have the forecast certified for your crop.

The climate is responsible for 90% of the impacts on crops. A good climate season can result in above average productivity, but on the other hand, when the ideal weather conditions do not show up, it can cause the loss of your entire crops. Besides that, it is essential to monitor the weather conditions for your daily activities if the field, identifying the best windows of planting, harvesting and application of inputs.

By signing AgroAssist's PRO plan, this climate monitoring is done in a simplified and real time way, through the installation of a plug n 'play agrometeorological station and receiving online reports based on dashboards with hyperlocal weather data analysis certified by our exclusive partner, Climatempo.

If you are a farmer or agronomist who seeks guidance and planning for farming activities, get started now and receive your station, the PRO plan is only R$ 199/mo (billed annualy)!

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Our Pricing Plans that covers any kind of Grower
free forever
15-day free trial
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Imagery, perimeter, relief and terrain levels curves
Soil composition maps
Crop historic data and yield stage
Current weather of region and alerts map
Mobile connectivity map
Suppliers and warehouses database
Local and stock exchange quotes, and clipping of news
Online insurance quote
Maps and climate forecast of region
Activities tracking notes
Financial management with purchases, sales and inventory
Employee management
Specific climate on property with certified forecast
Climate reports and historic data
Receive an agrometeorological station (1)
VIP Farmer with exclusive support
Monthly price Free R$ 49 R$ 199 (2)(3)
Additional user per month Free Free R$ 9,90
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(1) Station available under a free-lease agreement and sent via post office for installation by the user. See here how easy it is and you can do it yourself, or contact us to order the installation.
(2) Price for model SE-2600 with Ethernet connection, so farms must have already internet connection. For satellite connection contact us.
(3) 12-month loyalty. Charge of the 12 monthly payments made annually in a single installment when the plan is contracted or renewed.
Prices subject to change without notice. Subscription prices ​​corrected annually by the IGP-M index on renewal.

Why choose AgroAssist?

The Advantages and Differentials that Surprise Clients

+ CHEAPESTFrom R$ 49/mo or
R$ 199/mo with no worries
about faults or breaks

~R$ 25,000 without maintenance and/or guarantee

+ CONNECTIVITYRadio interconnectivity with no cables needed in the field
Connection via the internet or satellite

Need of power cables in the field and often without any connection

+ PRECISIONForecasts customized for your farm
certified by Climatempo
with high accuracy

No forecast customization for your farm

What Clients say?

Some Reviews from Growers that already Trust on us

Reduction of operating cost by 27%

Discover the success case of the 1st Private Climate Monitoring Network in the largest sugarcane producing city in Brazil, providing the planning of cultural treatments according to the hyperlocal climate forecast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your Questions answered in one place

Q. How much cost for me to access the system?

The AgroAssit system is available for free when you sign up for the Free Pack. You can also subscribe to paid packs with the respective functionalities, according to your needs. Other products and services charged separately can be requested, such as property reports and insurance, directly from the system. Contact us for more information on subscription plans offered.

Q. How can I get a sensing device for my property?

The AgroAssist system is integrated with SciCrop's smart farming equipments. Starting sensing your property will enable you to access customized farm data for better performance, directly from the AgroAssist system. These sensing equipments are available on loan when you subscribe the respective service pack. Contact us for more information.

Q. Data entered by me on the system can be accessed by my agronomist or farm manager?

Yes. The AgroAssist system is prepared to provide third-part access to your farm information upon your approval. The access authorization is made in the menu of your account after selecting the desired user, which should be also previously registered in the system, powered by SciCrop. If you need any kind of support, please send us an email at

Q. Will be my information made available publicly or shared with third parties?

No. SciCrop, owner of AgroAssist system, understands that your farm data are owned by you, and we are serious about your privacy. We will never share your data with third parties who have not been duly authorized by you, although we encourage that in certain situations you grant access to partners in order to get better credit and insurance offers. Access our Privacy Policy at

Q. I want to better understand the new agtechnologies. Has the company any group or relationship with growers?

AgroAssist is a system developed by SciCrop. SciCrop is an innovative agtech venture whose its main foundation is based in building results together with growers. Everything we offer today is the result of meetings and feedback of farmers, and therefore we will always be available to you. If you are interested in knowing more and joining this ag-revolution, please send us an email at and we will be happy to meet with you.


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